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Camp Rules and Guidelines


Drop off/ Pick up:

-You must come inside every time you drop off and pick up.

-You must show a pick up card at pick up.

-Send a picture of your pick up card to them if someone else is picking up.

-If late at pick up please call and note there is a $15 charge if you are 10 minutes past time and $10 every 15 minutes after.



-Lunch is NOT provided.

-We do provide free snacks.

-Please pack plenty of food and snacks.

-If you send snack money it is your child’s responsibility to keep track of it.



-There are no refunds or credits once you pay for camp at the beginning of the week.

-There is NO carrying over days to the upcoming weeks.



-If your child has a gymnastics class after or during camp we will no longer be able to pull them out of camp.

- You must sign them out before there class starts.



-We ask you keep all tablets and electronics at home.

-We want to encourage kids to socialize and interact with crafts and games.

-If your child brings there phone it is their responsibility.

-They will be asked to keep cell phones in there bag. If they need to get ahold of you we will contact you in the office.


Potty Training/Hygiene:

-Your child must be potty trained to attend camp.

-If your child has 3 or more accidents we will ask you to not bring him/her back until he/she is fully potty trained.

-If your child has lice, skin rashes or anything else that may be contagious please keep them home.

-We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We are also not responsible if your child purchases something on an iPhone.

After Care

-If you sign up for after care in the morning but come early for pick up there is no refund.

-We recommend if you aren’t sure about after care save a card on file. If your child is here past 3pm they can run the $15 after care with the card on file.


Have Fun!

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