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Gym Policies


  • Non-payment of Tuition by the 5th: A late fee of $25 will be applied after the 5th (on the 6th) of every month for any account with a balance due.

  • Non-payment of Tuition by the 10th will result in child being dropped from class.  You may re-enroll at a later date with payment if the class has availability.

  • An annual registration fee of $50 per family is due upon registration.

  • Re-occurring credit card payments – You can do this in the customer portal HERE or stop by the office.

  • Customer Portal – You may register for classes, make payments and check class schedules online.  You will need your email address in our system.  You can try your email as a user ID to get a password, if it does not work, please contact us to put your current email address into the system.  Once it is in, you can request a password via the Customer Portal.

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