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Recreational Gymnastics  Classes

Recreational gymnastics is a noncompetitive gymnastics curriculum with a special emphasis on learning not only physically but mentally. Girls and Boys come to gymnastics one time per week for 45 minutes. Classes are fun and teach basic and intermediate skills and some advanced recreational skills. The objective is to have fun and become more physically active and fit through basic gymnastics skill building. We help each child set goals and work on skills at their level. Recreational gymnastics is not intended to produce a polished gymnast!


Please keep in mind our schedule for all classes is live time. This means whatever day and time you select for your trial it will be that upcoming day and time.

 Register when you are ready to start.

Please note we communicate 

through email so make sure to sign up with a good email.

If the class says register, you will be signing up for your free trial class. 

If the class says waitlist, you will be added to the waitlist, and we will contact you when a spot opens.

There is an Annual Registration of $50.00 per year and per family for gym membership.


No Make Up Classes- you are charged for 4 classes a month-in months where there are 5 classes we do not charge but offer as a make up class.

Program Class Fees:


Monthly tuition for recreational and tumbling classes

$  80.00 - 45 minutes in length; one class per week.

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