Fees and Forms

There is an Annual Registration of $40.00 per year and per family for gym membership.


No Make Up Classes- you are charged for 4 classes a month-in months where there are 5 classes we do not charge but offer as a make up class.

Program Class Fees:


Monthly tuition for recreational and tumbling classes

$  70.00 - 45 minutes in length; one class per week.

 Discount will be $5 after the 3rd student. Sibling discounts will not apply for students with multiple classes since those classes are already discounted.


First Trial Class is Free for New customers only, payment is due within 24 hours of the trial date to continue enrollment in the class.


Birthday Parties (Check Calendar for Availability)

1.5 hour party: Members $200.00    Non-Members $235.00

2.0 hour party: Members $275.00    Non-Members $305.00

Each additional child (over 10 included) $5.00 per child

For parties with more than 30 children: $30.00 for additional instructor