Chris Brooks

Owner Gymnastic World Fort Myers


Owner of Gymnastic World for over 40 Years and I love what I do!


Katie Jerabek

Head Team Coach

Katie started gymnastics at the age of 3. She was a Class 1 Gymnast for 7 years competing in State, Regional and National Events. She took a short break from gymnastics to travel with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. She performed an an aerialist, dancer and elephant trick rider. Katie is a Nationally rated gymnastics Judge as well as a level 10 and elite coach. She has coached many athletes who have received Division 1 College Gymnastics Scholarships. Katie is Married with two girls who are on Team at Gymnastic World Ft Myers. Her goals are not just to create great gymnasts but, to help young girls grow into strong, confident and empowered young ladies. 


Shannon Berg aka Mrs. Shannon

Head Rec Coach

Shannon has been with Gymnastic World Fort Myers for 14 Years. She is married with two beautiful boys. Shannon started Gymnastics with mommy and me at 18 months old and was a competitive gymnast until 14 years old. Shannon has earned many state and regional titles during her competitive career in Ohio. After Gymnastics Shannon was involved with competitive cheerleading and dance. She has won State and National titles in both Team and Acro Solos. Gymnastics has always been Shannons first love and enjoys passing that love on to each of her students!


Sharon Ferrell

Office Manager


Sharon has been with Gymnastic World for over 4 years and loves working with the staff and families. She usually has some homemade cookies or some kind of goodies in the office.